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It was not immediately clear when the ships would enter the Red Sea, but they had not arrived by Sunday evening, said one official. "It's about leveraging the assets to have them in place should the capabilities of the carrier strike group and the presence be needed," said the official. President Barack Obama on Saturday delayed imminent cruise missile strikes by five destroyers off the coast of Syria, and sought approval from Congress, a move that effectively put any strike on hold for at least nine days. The delay gives military planners more time to reassess which ships and other weapons will be kept in the region - and which may be swapped out - before the U.S. military launches what defense officials say is still intended to be a limited and narrowly targeted attack on Syria. The U.S. Navy doubled its presence in the eastern Mediterranean over the past week, effectively adding two destroyers to the three that generally patrol the region. The five destroyers are carrying a combined load of about 200 Tomahawk missiles, officials say. But that's not all: as reported yesterday , the US dispatched the USS San Antonio, an amphibious ship with 300 Marines and extensive communications equipment on board, to join five US destroyers already in proximity to Syria, diverting it from a previously scheduled mission that would have taken it farther west. It could serve as an afloat forward staging base, which could provide a temporary base for special operations forces, if they were needed. Today we learn that yet another amphibious assault ship, the USS Kearsage, with yet more marines is joining in the supposedly demilitarized fray: The USS Kearsarge, a large-deck amphibious ship that is part of a readiness group with the San Antonio, is also on the way toward the Red Sea after a port call in the United Arab Emirates, officials said. No further specific orders had been issued to the ship, they said. So to sum up: since last week, when the entire world expected the US to attack Syria imminently, and when there were "only" 5 destroyers within striking distance, now that the sentiment is that war is far less probable, the US has an additional 4 destroyers from the Nimitz group, two marine ships, and an aircraft carrier. De-escalation? Not really. Perhaps this has something to do with it - going back to the fundamental driver behind it all, Saudi Arabia, the NYT reports that the Kingdom of Saud will hardly rest peacefully until the Assad scourge is wiped off the face of the planet... and room for one or more gas and/or oil pipelines is made below a receptive Syrian government. Saudi Arabia and the other oil-rich Persian Gulf monarchies on Sunday stepped up their efforts to drum up support for Western airstrikes against Syria. With the Arab League meeting on Sunday evening for a second time to discuss responses to the Syrian crisis, Saudi Arabias foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, broke the kingdoms public silence on the subject at a news conference in Cairo on Sunday afternoon, urging other Arab nations to back the Syrian rebels with military action against the government of President Bashar al-Assad after a suspected chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds. Saudi Arabia, its Gulf allies and Jordan have all pushed hard behind the scenes for Washington to lead strikes against Mr. Assad, whom they consider the most important regional ally of their greatest enemy, Iran. That pressure continued on Sunday, but until now the monarchies have refrained from publicly endorsing Western military action, presumably because the idea of Western intervention is overwhelmingly unpopular across the Arab world. Several analysts said Sunday that President Obama had badly damaged American credibility in the Arab world by appearing to back down from airstrikes just hours before many Arab government expected them to begin. He is seen as feckless and weak, and this will give further rise to conspiracy theories that Obama doesnt really want Assad out and it is all a big game, said Salman Shaikh of the Brookings Doha Center. Many Arab leaders already think that Obamas word cannot be trusted I am talking about his friends and allies and I am afraid this will reinforce that belief. And speaking of Obama's damaged credibility, nowhere has it been more crushed than in ground zero: Syria. Sun, 09/01/2013 - 21:10 | 3912343 km4 War Is a Racket by Smedley D. Butler US Marine Corps Major General and two time Medal of Honor recipient http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Is_a_Racket summary: " War is a racket . It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small 'inside' group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes." Obama has the racket led by Bandar of Saudi Arabia up his ass ! Sun, 09/01/2013 - 21:12 | 3912352 asteroids Obozo will botch foriegn policy the same way he botched economic and domestic policy. Now matter what happens, he won't be remembered as a great president. Should he keep this up, who know how he'll be remembered.... Sun, 09/01/2013 - 21:17 | 3912354 One And Only Fuck yea, USS Nimitz for the no fly zone, marines off the coast (but no boots on the ground), battleships off the coast ready to fire missiles. US prepared to commit acts of war against a sovereign nation with ZERO constitutional authority in order to help Al Qaeda be victorious against Assad. I am 100% certain that my representatives will not represent me (or the rest of America) and will go ahead with this act of war for no reason. How appropriate right before 9/11 that we are about to provide air support for Al Qaeda. Hope your kids have fun getting molested at the airport for your safety. The terrorists won. Sun, 09/01/2013 - 21:13 | 3912356 Harbourcity ""Obama?

27, 2013 in Mortgage . I know how exciting shopping for a new home can be. Your mind begins creating a wish list of all of these things that you want in your next home. Maybe you want a low maintenance townhouse. Or maybe this time you want a 3 bedroom detached house with a 2 car garage and a huge back yard for your kids and pets to run around in. You start to dream about what the kitchen will look like and how big the bathrooms will be. Will you look for a place with hardwood floors and a beautiful fireplace? The list goes on and on. But before you continue creating your wish list it is important to figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend and how big of a mortgage you will qualify for. And to apply for a new mortgage there are a number of things you should get ready before you even speak to a mortgage broker. Here is a list of things you should do before you apply for a mortgage: Pull Your Credit Score Pull your credit score so that you know exactly what your score is. This way you will avoid any unnecessary surprises when the mortgage broker pulls your report. As well, this will give you an opportunity to review your report for any mistakes that may be dragging down your credit score. Pay Down Your Current Debt The less debt you have and the higher credit score you have the better interest rate you will receive with your new mortgage. If you currently carry credit card debt make a plan to either reduce that by a significant amount, or if possible, pay it all off before you apply for a new mortgage. Current Assets And Documents On your mortgage application you may be asked to list your other assets, including investments, other property, vehicles, and so on. To make it easier on yourself, grab any documentation that you have for those items and make a list of those items and their current value. Have Your Last 2 Years of Tax Returns Handy Be prepared to show your mortgage broker a copy of your tax returns for the past 2 years to verify your level of income before and after taxes. Other Financial Documents Some of the other financial documents that you will want to have readily available are your current paystubs, bank statements for the previous 2 months, and any separation, divorce or bankruptcy statements. As well, if you are making any support payments, you will need to identify those amounts. Save For The Largest Down Payment Possible One of the most important things you should do before you even approach a mortgage broker is to save as much money as you can for the down payment on your new home. Even if you are only required to put down 10% to qualify, it is in your best interest to put down at least 25%. You will feel a lot more comfortable in your home knowing that you have at least 25% equity instead of 10%, or heaven forbid, even less then that. If you can put down 30%, that would be even better. Upfront Costs Paying for the home is just one of the expenses you will incur when you buy a new home. Other expenses that you need to have money saved and set aside for are a home inspection, moving costs and closing costs (including legal fees). As well you will want to have money set aside for immediate renovations or updates that you may need to do as soon as you move in. If the home is older personal loans online it may need some upgrades. If the home is brand new you may need to do the landscaping. All of that adds up quickly. Create A Personal Budget One of the things that many people forget to do when they consider buying a new home is to create a budget to see exactly what they can afford. Create a budget based on your current income. Then add in all of the expenses that you will incur both on a monthly basis and an annual basis if you buy a new home. As you create your budget use online mortgage tools to help you determine exactly what size of a mortgage you can honestly afford, and still live a comfortable life. You see if you just head in to see a broker they will often do a few quick calculations and typically come up with a high number that may in fact result in a very tight budget for you later on. But if you have done all of your homework you will already know if what they offer you is too high or well within your comfort zone. When buying a new home, always stay within your comfort zone. This is not the time to take risks or to over-extend yourself. And always do your homework before you call a mortgage broker and before you start looking at new homes. You want your decision to be based on your financial situation, instead of big backyards and pretty kitchens.

Her father already has a family, a generous wife and five fully grown sons. He's ridiculously rich, kind hearted and wants Camille even though, up until she'd phoned him, he'd had no knowledge of her existence. He brings her down to South Carolina from California and I was right there with Camille on the whole creepy factor! These people were rating a full ten on my back-away-slowly radar. They were all too nice, too generous, too open about accepting Camille into their lives as their daughter/sister. There were no questions asked, no suspicions or hatred that this person was created through adultery (I am assuming adultery, because Will --Cami's new father-- was married to his wife and had children when he met and created Cami with her mother. There is a reasoning behind it, but I think this will be explained more in the next book). The person I really liked was Daniel, Cami's best friend in the whole world. HE is was voice of reason, always cautioning Cami not to just board a fancy yacht with five strange men only hours after meeting them. He's the handsome, loyal BFF that every girl needs. When Cami gets herself in some seriously messed up trouble (will get to this) later in the book, Daniel is the one that storms off to the rescue, and it is awesome! (I also have a theory about who Daniel is exactly, but I won't say). Then there is Drake. I don't even know where to start. He's gorgeous, fast, kind and completely and hopelessly in love with Cami, even though he's engaged to Bianca (Cami's new BFF down in South Carolina). The plot gets all twisty from there. I won't say anything else on that front because it's something that needs to be read to fully appreciate. But I will say, the yacht scene... WOW! Me loved a lot! Another thing I will say, I will NEVER stop to help an elderly couple switch a tire. EVER! Thank you, Ms. Straight, for that life lesson. So, what didn't I like about the story? Hands down the POV head-hopping. I LOVED reading Camis POV and Drakes (especially Drakes). But there was a point when we were in Biancas head, then Zandras (Cami's grandmother) then Daniels. I understood what the author was trying to do. I liked that we got the story from different angles, but I just wasn't a fan. Nevertheless, I was too hooked to notice or care. The story was fast-paced. The plot unique. I loved the romance between Cami and Drake (and there was a second there that I thought Ms. Straight was going to do something awful, just terrible and then make us wait for book two... thankfully she didn't. But we still have to wait for book two). I loved Drake's fast and passionate love for Cami. in charge debt solutions And I loved how Ms. Straight made me want to grab Cami and smack her a few times for being so pigheaded. All in all, the book was amazing. I will be the first in line Dec 2012 for Blood Ties Also, a final note before we wrap up this review. Fans of Charlotte Abel will LOVE the surprise Ms. Straight has at the end of this novel. A sneak peek into Ms.

I was right. I predicted that the tech-heavy Nasdaq would outperform the Dow Jones Industrial Average. . This has been a tricky call lately, so how did it play out this time? Well, this was a bad week for tech stocks. The Nasdaq moved 1.9% higher, and that was worse than the Dow's 1.3% slip. I was wrong. My final call was for OmniVision Technologies to beat Wall Street's income estimates in its latest quarter. The maker of image sensors used in digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets has been cashing in on the popularity of portable computing gadgetry. It had also been posting blowout quarterly results over the past year. I was banking on seeing the trend continue. Analysts were looking for a profit of $0.43 a share during the quarter, and it came through with adjusted net income of $0.55 . The stock fell on OmniVision's disappointing outlook, but it was still a beat looking back. I was right. Two out of three? I can do better than that. Let me once again whip out my trusty, dusty, and occasionally accurate crystal ball to make three calls that may play out over the next few trading days. 1. Tesla Motors will close lower on the week Everything seems to go right for Elon Musk these days, and Tesla Motors shareholders are grateful. the maker of plug-in electric cars has seen its shares pop fivefold. The future's bright for Tesla, but its $20.5 billion market cap seems a bit extreme for where it is in its life cycle. Against this backdrop, the market's showing plenty of volatility, making high-beta stocks vulnerable. Tesla has bucked the malaise so far. August was the market's worst month in more than a year, but Tesla had no problem moving higher. It hit a new high earlier this past week. For a week, at least, Tesla's likely to be due for a breather. My first call is for this Wall Street darling to close lower on the week. 2.The Nasdaq Composite will beat the Dow this week Tech has been a big winner in recent years, so betting on tech over stodgy blue chips has been a good bet for me more often than not. I'm going to stick with this pick. Most of the names in the composite are just too cheap at this point, and tech should be what carries us through the economic recovery. Earnings reports were rough in some places this past season, but the long-term outlook is still quite favorable. The market is ripe for the tech-stacked secondary stocks to continue to outpace the 30 megacaps that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 3. Bazaarvoice will beat Wall Street's earnings estimates Some stocks are just flat-out better than others. Bazaarvoice is a leading provider of social commerce solutions. More than 1,000 retailers lean on Bazaarvoice's data -- covering more than 400 million questions and experiences on roughly 20 million different products -- to drive sales, awareness, and customer loyalty. Another thing it does is make analysts look like perpetual underachievers. If analysts say the company posted a loss of $0.08 a share in its latest quarter, I'll argue that it held up better than that. History's on my side! One of my best tricks to beating the market is finding stocks that perpetually land ahead of the prognosticators. Let's go over the past year of earnings reports. Quarter 8% Source: Thomson Reuters.

Sound Familiar? By Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics and Chairperson at the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Cross posted from Triple Crisis So now India is the latest casualty among emerging economies . Over the past 10 days, the rupee has slid to its lowest-ever rate, and the Indian economy may well be on the verge of a full-blown currency crisis. In this febrile situation, it is open season for rumours and pessimistic predictions, which then become self-fulfilling. This means that even if there is a slight market rally, investors quickly work themselves into even more gloom. Each hurriedly announced policy measure (raising duties on gold imports, some controls on capital outflows, liberalising rules for capital inflows and so on) has had the opposite of the desired effect. Everything the government does seems to be too little, too late or even counterproductive. These are all classic features of the panic phase of a financial market cycle. This doesnt mean that a crash is inevitable, but clearly it is possible. The real surprise in all this is that investors and Indian policymakers are surprised. For some reason, they apparently did not foresee this turn of events, even though the story of every financial crisis of the past, and many in the very recent past, should have caused some nostrils to twitch at least a year or two ago. The Indian economy has been in trouble for quite a while already, and only willful blindness could have led to ignorance on this. Output growth has been decelerating for several years, and private investment has fallen for 10 consecutive quarters. Industrial production has declined over the past year. But consumer price inflation is still in double digits, providing all the essential elements of stagflation (rising prices with slowing income growth). At the moment the external sector is the weakest link. Exports are limping along but imports have ballooned (including all kinds of non-essential imports like gold), so both trade and current account deficits are at historically high levels. They are largely financed by volatile short-term capital. This has already started leaving the country: since June more than $12bn has been withdrawn by portfolio investors alone. This situation is the result of internal and external imbalances that have been building up for years. The Indian economic boom was based on a debt-driven consumption and investment spree that mainly relied on short-term capital inflows. This generated asset booms in areas such as construction and real estate, rather than in traded goods. And it created a sense of financial euphoria that led to massive over-extension of credit to both companies and households, to compound the problem. Sadly, this boom was also wasted in that it did not lead to significant improvements in the lives of the majority, as public expenditure on basic infrastructure, as well as nutrition, health, sanitation and education did not rise adequately. We should know by now that such a debt-driven bubble is an unsustainable process that must end in tears, but those who pointed this out were derided as killjoys with no understanding of Indias potential. Something similar is occurring in a number of other Asian economies that are also feeling the pain at present, such as Indonesia while the Brazilian economy shows some similar features. The current Indian problems may be extreme, but they reflect what should now be a familiar process in all major regions of the world. The typical story, which was elaborated half a century ago by Charles Kindleberger , goes something like this: a country is discovered by international investors and therefore receives substantial capital inflows. These contribute to a domestic boom, and also push up the real exchange rate. This reduces the incentives for exporters and producers of import substitutes, so investors look for avenues in the non-tradable sectors, such as construction and real estate. So the boom is marked by rising asset values, of real estate and of stocks. The counterpart of all this is a rising current account deficit, which no one pays much attention to as long as the money keeps flowing in and the economy keeps growing. But all bubbles must eventually burst. All it takes is some change in perception for the entire process to unravel, and then it can unravel very quickly. The trigger can be a change in global conditions, or a sharp slowdown in domestic income growth, or political instability, or even economic problems in a neighbouring country. In India Ben Bernanke of the US Federal Reserve is being blamed for bringing this on, but it could easily have been some other factor. Once the revulsion in markets sets in, the very features that were celebrated during the boom are excoriated by both investors and the public as examples of crony capitalism, inefficiency and such like. The resulting financial crisis hits those who did not really benefit so much from the boom, by affecting employment and the incomes of workers. This is what has just started to happen in India, and is also likely to happen in several other emerging markets. But essentially the same process has already unfolded many times before in different parts of the world: Latin America in the 1980s, Mexico in 1994-95, south-east Asia in 1997-98, Russia in 1999-2000, Argentina in 2001-02, the US in 2008, Ireland and Greece in 2009, and so on.

Teemu Pukki reveals how Schalke injury crisis almost scuppered his move to Celtic FINNISH striker Pukki sealed a 2.4million switch to Parkhead yesterday. exclusive McAVOY got more than he bargained for when he encountered a real-life prostitute during filming. Record Woman TV: Super slimmers go for gold, pack seven outfits that weigh just 7 kilos and meet Scots actress Amy Lennox WE meet some super slimmers hoping to win big at the Scottish Slimmers awards, learn how to pack light and we chat to Scots actress Amy Lennox. Play Daily Record Bingo now for great prizes! Search: GILLIAN CUTHBERT told Cheque Centre workers to offer borrowers "roll over" monthly loans - meaning they would stay in debt indefinitely. Cuthbert referred us to head office Daily Record A TOP boss at a major payday loan firm ordered staff to keep desperate families mired in debt. Gillian Cuthbert, Scottish regional manager at Cheque Centre, told workers in an email not to offer simple, fixed repayment plans to people struggling to pay back loans with crippling interest rates. She told the shop assistants instead to get borrowers to roll over monthly loans, meaning they would stay in debt. People who roll over only pay a monthly fee, not any of the cash they owe, and can be saddled indefinitely with massive fees. Cuthbert banned her workers at branches in Scotland and Northern Ireland from talking to customers about the 14-day cooling off period for loans. She also ordered staff not to ask questions designed to establish whether customers could afford loans, and not to discuss what would happen if people couldnt repay. Cuthbert wrote: Do not run over 14-day cooling-off period, adequate questions theme, and do not cover if you cannot pay back: 100 per cent compliance please. Shockingly, Cuthbert also told staff to ask penniless customers who couldnt afford to repay anything if they have any gold at home. Employees were told to say gold could be used to keep your account up to date. Cheque Centre are also pawnbrokers. The company are signed up to the Consumer Finance Association code of conduct. Cuthberts advice appears to flout it in multiple ways. The big companies in the payday loan industry have made billions from hard-up Britons struggling in the economic downturn. Cuthberts email, obtained by our investigators, will add to widespread concerns about how some in the industry treat vulnerable customers. Scottish Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale said: We simply cannot wait any longer to act on payday loan companies. These are legal loan sharks exploiting families across the country. The SNPs John Mason, deputy convener of the Holyrood finance committee, added: Austerity UK is causing real pain for so many on low incomes. It is sickening that this is being exploited by unscrupulous payday firms. One former Cheque Centre worker, who left in disgust earlier this year, said: What they are doing to people is indefensible. I couldnt go on with a clear conscience. They have people who are clearly desperate, many maxed out with the full 1000 loan, who keep rolling over for years, paying thousands in fees and paying off nothing. These people need help and good advice, to explain that they can pay down the debt by paying a little more a month to get on an even keel. Cheque Centre sell loans from stores Steven Bainbridge/Sunday Mirror Cuthbert brags on business networking service LinkedIn about her proven people skills, resulting in consistent optimum revenue growth. Her July 10 email to staff in all Scots and Northern Irish branches gave directions on influencing buy back convincing debtors to roll over loans rather than paying them off at a small extra cost. Customers can borrow up to 1000, repayable in full at the end of the month, plus a fee for every 100 borrowed. At the time the email was written, the fee was 27.50. Its now 30. Cuthberts email gave the cost of repaying a 100 loan on a four-month Fixed Repayment Plan 39.38 a month, just 11.88 more than the 27.50 monthly fee. That would cover the original loan, the 27.50 fee and a 30 fee for late payment. But Cuthbert told staff: I would encourage you not to get into conversations on FRP. She said it was better to let the firms head office deal with customers who could not repay. They could get an account paid back in two weeks. She added: This is my preference. She went on: Dont try to negotiate a four-month pay-back plan... keep the account live, its your customer. Cuthbert told staff dealing with people behind on payments to call them three times a day. And she used the example of a fictional customer called Gillian to instruct workers on how best to get money out of debtors. She wrote: If they say difficulties paying, break down to What can you give me today? Try to negotiate more: Hey Gillian, do you have any gold at home, I can use it to keep your account up to date. Cuthbert then told staff to at least get the 27.50 fee out of customers to roll the loan over as an absolute minimum to stay in good stead and keep the account live. She said staff should say that 39.38 is more per month than 27.50 rollover. She added: Coach this only if you get into the situation. Cuthbert advised staff to tell customers they would miss them if they had to be dealt with by head office, and that the firm could no longer lend to them if that happened. They were to say: That would be a shame. What time can I expect you today with the 27.50? Hey Gillian, I want to keep you using me as a financial resource, I want to give you cash, and give you the cash quick when you need it, what time can you come down today and see me. The CFA code of conduct clearly states: Members shall not target individuals by marketing the payday loan where the product would be wholly inappropriate. It adds: Members shall offer a facility so a customer may, no more than five days before their loan is due for repayment, apply for a Fixed Repayment Plan. The code tells firms to advise potential customers of the short-term nature of the loan, and that it is unsuitable for long-term use. And it says customers should be given an explanation of the 14-day right to withdraw. Cheque Centre did not respond to requests for comment. Cuthbert, 39, of Edinburgh, told us: I cant make any comment. You will need to contact our head office. Margaret Lynch, chief executive of Citizens Advice Scotland, said: Sadly, this report is not the first time we have heard of unscrupulous practices by payday loan companies. Across Scotland, were seeing clients whose payday debts have spiralled out of control.

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It might often feel like this when you seek free debt counseling; however, remember the individuals are there to help you. You have done nothing that cannot be corrected. Debt piles up for many reasons and at certain times you may have spent a little more than was wise because you felt secure in your job and then lost your job due to economic issues. Several scenarios exist for why you might suffer from hounding creditors. Just remember it can be corrected. Debt counseling asks you to list all of your monthly expenses, the total on any loans or credit cards you have, and your income. By writing it all down it is possible to see where you might be able to save. It also shows where your spending habits tend to focus on such as whether you spend too much on eating out or entertainment given your income. If you do tend to shop for items you do not need such as new TVs, clothing, entertainment and other expenditures debt counseling will look to why. Do you tend to spend more when you are emotionally upset? Do you spend money because you suddenly got a new job with a better income? The reasons why you spend money provide answers to the type of counseling you should receive. The counselor at a debt counseling location will be able to focus on the cause of your overspending. You see, to actually stop your spending habits and utilize debt help effectively you have to know why you might overspend. You might already know the cause is due to a lost job in your family income. If so, you still need debt counselling services in terms of how to stop it from becoming worse. Credit counseling might be able to help you find a job in the industry you work in. Often these counselors are networkers because they do see a lot of job loss as the root cause to financial trouble. Utilize debt counseling as it is meant to be so you can get the debt help you need. Once you have debt counseling to work on the cause of your troubles, you can begin to pay down your financial obligations with the appropriate debt help. This help can be management, settlement, or consolidation loans. With settlement or consolidation loans there is often negotiation involved. Most credit consultation locations can do this for you or refer you to a company that has this type of help. It will depend on the company, but most have an arm for settlement and consolidation loans along with their main focus of debt counseling. American debt counseling opportunities are slightly different than in Canada and other parts of the world. Each country has its own regulations. It is important for you to focus on the companies within your area, as well as those that have the registration to do so. Online you can often find many credit card debt counseling companies; however, you must make certain they are available in your area. These different regulations matter and it is best to avoid scams. Using the word in here might make you wary, but just remember you have to be on the lookout for trouble amidst the correct consumer debt counseling opportunities. The only way to solve your debt is to find a company that is more info truly going to help you and not hinder your road to financial recovery. Top Companies for Debt Counseling The following companies offering debt counseling have been chosen after a careful selection process. My methods begin with an approach by the company itself to offer a review about their debt options. I begin with a background check into the company to see what I can learn from an impartial perspective. Eventually I will meet the staff of the companies I review just as I have done for the three companies listed below. I meet with employees to learn about their process, what they offer, and to see how a working relationship would be if I approached them as a client. I feel this in depth process allows me to truly see the debt counseling they offer. I understand you need to feel comfortable about anyone you will talk to about your debt troubles. I endeavor to make you comfortable by approaching the company and only providing a good review if I feel comfortable. I am not going to provide you with misleading information as it does not serve me or the individuals you - who need this site. Debt counseling is not something you should mess around with or scam individuals on. It is about hardworking individuals trying to find a solution when they are in a pinch. Counseling can work in a variety of ways based on your needs. There are times when more help is needed such as hands on lessons or even further help with a psychologist to curb those spending habits. A counseling service offering debt help is there to ensure you find the path to help you require. If you do need further assistance beyond what the office can help you with, they will at least endeavor to counsel you in how to save and cut down on expenditures.

the whole point of my comment was to challenge the people that say this is a scam so why dont you mr joe debt jr go read a dictionary and find out what a scam really is they may charge outrageous amounts, or be considered really expensive.. but a scam? sounds like you need to pull your head out of your butt because paying them 10 grand in 3 yrs is still much cheaper than paying the credit card companies 48 gran in 3 yrs and still have the balance owed so tell me who is the one ripping people off with outrageous fees.. you probably work for the bank you scoundrel! so laugh it up , but you and you ripoff banks will never get my money. so take that!! Rocknrace8 Maybe scam is the wrong word to describe thembut they did not help me in any waythey did refund half of my money because they knew they did not help me. Glad it worked for you. I didnt want a free ride , just for them to do what i PAID them to do, settle my accounts.Its funny you tell Joe Debt Jr that he lives on his cards trying to make it look like he had money , is that what you did ?? I can say i had to use them because i lost my job due to the economy.You sound like you work for them and your just on here doing some damage control!! Jennifer I have been enrolled with Debt Free Associates for a little over 11 months and they have settled 2 out of my 3 accounts for 27%! I saved over 22k by enrolling with them, if you ask me, this is worth the fee I paid them of about 6k. I originally signed up for a 2 year term and it looks like I am going to be done much faster than that! Im not sure if the bad reviews did not fully understand the program, but I spoke with a very knowlegable representative and they explained everything to me so I knew what to expect. chris SCAMSCAM.SCAMSCAM.SCAM.SCAM.YOU ARE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nie WARNING.DO NOT USER THEM. Like many of you here, I just found out that there is only 477.06 in my saving account and that i have been contributing $2999 to these guys. I was told to fax offered letters to them, which i did. I called in and was informed to only contact them when it is a third party offer. I recieved an offered from one of my creditor and had decided to go ahead and use my money in their saving for it. That was the reason i contacted them. After talking to them for 5 minutes, I got chills and learned that i only had $477.06. I questioned why they did not informed their customer about this and they said sorry for what i was being informed. I told them you say sorry but i am still in debt and that my money is gone. So,, now, I have two days left and i wanted to use settle this offer but they went ahead and submit their paper work. Now, the whole process is messed up and i do not want to just pay left over amount not knowing if they truely pay the 477.06 or not. So.. please stay away from them One persone comment that if you save the 700 you could have settle your two credit cards. This is true.. Apparently, they calculated your debt and ask you to make a contribution based on their estimated debt amount. In my case, 700 a month.. Using this figure, 700, here is the break out.. So.. first you pay 199 processing fee.. Then for the next 4 months (700X4), you paythem $2,322.94 and save 477.06 Then for the next 12 months (70012), you will pay them $3,106.80 and save $5,293.20. Then, for the following months after this untill your contract end, you will pay them $75.00 every month, using the 700 a month contribution. For Nothing These offer letter sent to you by your creditors If you want to settle it in full, it clearly states the means to do so in the offer letter. If you to settle with a payment plan, call them up and ask for it.. but i think there will be a 0% 30% fee add on the offer amount. I hope every one being affected here file complaints so that i can not scam another hard working person out there. Chris Hi Ive read all the complaints and a few praises. Ive recently spoken with Brandon from the company and have entered into an agreement to pay off 35,000 in credit card debt. All my payments are up to date and so I have to stop paying my cards to go into default so that they can negotiate with the credit card companies. Typically the companies wont talk to them until at least 3 months.

Oxenhope were all out for 230 at Southowram, who lost eight wickets in bettering that score. Gavin Moody took four wickets and Tom Belfield five, Tom Tetley (67 no) and Joe Ousey (59) top scoring for the visitors. Dean Crossley made a 20-boundary 100 in reply and Steve Hawksworths 25 not out saw the Rams home. Third-placed Queensbury kept Southowram on their toes by collecting 12 points at Bridgeholme. It was far from plain sailing, however, as bury slipped from 123 for two to 161 all out following Priestleys dismissal for 79. Number four Damian Weston was left high and dry on 32 as Saj Mahmood (seven for 76) ripped through the tail. Keith Hudson (29) and son James (34) put on 53 for Bridgeholmes first wicket but slow bowlers Gurdev Singh (five for 47) and Amjad Ali (four for 56) bowled Queensbury to a 20-run success. Outlane gained what could be a crucial 12 points at Old Crossleyans in a battle of bottom three sides. Anwat Shokats five for 32 sent sent the Broomfield men packing for 92 and although the home bowlers hit back, Outlane won with four wickets in hand. Points (after 19 of 20 games): Sowerby 170, Southowram 166, Queensbury 156, Oxenhope 140, Northowram HT 117, Outlane 117, Old Crossleyans 110, Bridgeholme 110. In the Premier Division, Jer Lane have a 15-point lead with two rounds of fixtures left after Andrew Pinfields unbeaten 104 helped them to a six-wicket win at Sowerby Bridge. Lane, with the Parish Cup already in the locker, had to settle for nine points rather than 12 after Bridges last pair defied them in the first half of the contest. James Taylor (36) and Dan Wheelwright (34) helped relegation-threatened Bridge to 188 for nine with Junior Williams and Raqueeb Younis taking three wickets each. Pinfields masterful knock included 13 fours and six sixes and skipper Mick Hustler (21 no) helped the visitors over the winning line with 17 balls to spare. In the frantic scramble to beat the drop, Clayton perhaps looked like a team destined for relegation after being rolled over for 100 in reply to hosts Thorntons 209. Ben Harriss four for 20 helped leave Clayton 13 points adrift at the bottom. Warley and Bradshaw did their hopes of staying up a power of good with wins at Triangle and Mytholmroyd respectively but the anxiety levels are rising for reigning champions SBCI and Sowerby Bridge. Warley started the day next to bottom but Luke Duckitts six for 50 put them on the trail of a big 12 points at Grassy Bottom. Nathan Madden made a 67-ball half-century but once he became Duckitts fourth victim with the total on 117, Triangle folded to 136 all out. Warley were not about to miss such a golden opportunity. Chris Marsh (52 no) added 55 for the first wicket with Nolan Bottomley (33) and saw it through to the end, Gary Rodger taking all four wickets to fall. Simon Collins was again the hero for Bradshaw, adding another six to his mountain of wickets this summer in a three-wicket win away to a Bradshaw side in second place before the start of play. Slow bowlers Collins took six for 63 as Royd subsided from 81 for two to 164 all out. Collins added 26 and Shaun Charnley 33 but the game was in the balance at 128 for seven. However, Richard Moore (31 no) and Adam Buckley (12 no) held their nerve to claim maximum points for the visitors. SBCI are next-to-bottom again after a 111-run defeat away to a Booth side who now look clear of danger. A 101-run fifth wicket stand between Wajid Ali (86) and Rob Laycock (45) helped Booth to 241 for seven. Chris Shannon (four for 44) then reduced the visitors to two for two and there was no way back for SBCI after that in spite of 45 from Chris Dalby, Jamie Sykess side being all out for 130. Blackley share second spot with Thornton after a five-wicket win in a high-scoring game at Copley. Skipper James Clarke (78) and Oliver Thorpe (65) helped Copley to 282 for eight and that looked likely to be enough when Blackley were 166 for five, soon after the departure of Reece Jennison for 90. However, an unbroken stand of 119 between Freddie Fox (113 no) and Jason Baxter (45 no) saw the visitors to victory. Points (after 20 of 22 games): Jer Lane 168, Blackley 153, Thornton 153, Mytholmroyd 149, Copley 140, Triangle 136, Booth 135, Bradshaw 127, Warley 124, Sowerby Bridge 118, SBCI 116, Clayton 103. Low Moor beat Wibsey Park Chapel in Saturdays top of the table match in Division Two to give them a great chance to taking the title. Moor went into the game 10 points clear but lost their top four batsman with just 19 runs on the board. However, captain Nick Wood made an outstanding 89 not out to guide his side to 144 for seven with only Mark Mills (21) and Martin Jenkins (17no) also making double figures. At 62 for two Wibsey looked on track for an emphatic victory but Wood and Mark Stokes had other ideas. Three wickets apiece set up a nail-biting conclusion and Craig Green returned to wrap up the Wibsey innings for 115. Luddenden Foot, one point behind Wibsey at the start of play, surged into second with 12 points at home to 10-man Old Town. Mohammed Jamil stole the show in the first half, scoring 102 for Town with only 21 scoring shots, including 12 sixes. He eventually fell to five-wicket Gareth Swain but Foot were left needing 225 to win. Chris Roy departed in the first over and Jacob Hyde for 25 but skipper Karl Whipp (95 no) and Gareth Hall (83 no) made short work of knocking off the runs with 19 overs to spare. Stones beat visitors Shelf by four wickets thanks to two outstanding individual performances.

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